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    It is with great pride that I reach a milestone of 100 TM1 articles on my website :-) It has been an interesting journey the last 7 years, trying to spread the knowledge of this software among my regular blog visitors. I hope you all like the articles.

    For this 100th article, I wanted to share with you a somewhat bigger TI process, that is very generic and useful in any TM1 model. In fact, it builds on the same principles that I explained and showed in this recent article. That article was about how to add a dimension to a cube. But I wanted to go further… So here is a nice TI process for you that can:

    1. mode 1: add a new dimension
    2. mode 2: delete an existing dimension
    3. mode 3: swap the order of 2 dimensions
    4. mode 4: switch a dimension with a new one

    Just as before, there are 3 important notes regarding BACKUP - if applicable - it is things the process does not take care of:

    1. backup your n-level data first
    2. backup your rules first
    3. backup your cube views first

    The TI process contains 5 parameters:

    ParameterTypeDefault ValuePrompt Question
    pModeStringExecution mode ( 1-2-3-4 or other, see inside process )
    pCubeStringCube name ?
    pDim1StringDimension 1 name ?
    pDim2StringDimension 2 name ?
    pIndexOfNewDimNumeric0Index of dimension in the cube ?

    All code is in the Advanced > Prolog section of the process. You can download the TI process at the top of the page.

    That's it, article number 100 is born ! :-)


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