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This section of my website is reserved for Excel, Microsoft's well-known spreadsheet program that is used by many millions of people worldwide for business and personal purposes. I am one of them, though maybe quite a bit more fanatic than the average Excel user: for me it's a hobby, or shall I say a passion? :-) I usually spend several hours a day using Excel and/or VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), both at work and at home. On my website you will find lots and lots of Excel material, many of my own files and code techniques/examples.

What can you find in the Excel section?

For me, working with Excel is quite easy and that is why I want to help other people by sharing my knowledge and experience. I like to spend time on free Excel VBA forums such as MrExcel.com, Ozgrid.com or Worksheet.nl (the forum closed down unfortunately). People can register for free and ask for help on their Excel problems/challenges/questions. My nickname is "Wigi".

Posting solutions to real-world questions boils down to unselfishly helping out other people with your own knowledge. Forums are ideal for short and quick questions: not many people have the time to give up hours and hours of free time to study and solve 1 particular problem for a complete stranger… For small or larger Excel applications that you seek help with offline: please read Excel consultancy.

You should definitely browse the Excel material that I put up on my website, the articles and accompanying Excel files are worth reading and downloading. There are lots of custom articles on Excel. I wish you good luck, lots of new finds and ultimately: have fun !


Remark 1: many Excel files on my website contains macro‘s. Please make sure that the security settings in Excel are such that you can use them, should you want to.
Remark 2: All Excel files and VBA-codes were made using Excel 2007, 2010 of 2013, always with Windows Office, never Mac Office. Should you encounter prolonged problems, please tell me. I will do my best to get the files working.
Remark 3: I used 7-zip to compress some of my files.


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